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Mattress cover and memory foam mattress:

Viscoelastic polyurethane foam is a thermosensitive material, which reacts to temperature differences. For this reason, the use of a mattress cover can compromise its technical properties and characteristics, thus affecting our perception of the product which will prove to be less comfortable, as well as, in the long term, less beneficial.

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Memory likes the heat:

Being a thermosensitive material, memory foam reacts to body temperature, in particular to heat. In fact, when it heats up, the viscoelastic polyurethane foam that composes it softens. It will follow the line and the shape of our body. The ideal temperature, so that the mattress is properly deformed, is around 36 ° C. Just below that of a healthy adult.

Once the temperature is reached, the foam will reach its maximum degree of deformation, creating, together with pressure, a “perfect cast” of our resting position. This will last all night, disappearing in the morning, taking up its original profile. This is, in simple terms, its memory capacity, which has earned it the name with which viscoelastic polyurethane foam is commonly known.

Mattress cover: why not?

The mattress cover is an extra element, which is inserted directly on the mattress, without removing the cover, before the sheets. Its job is to protect the mattress from dirt, sweat, and bacteria, keeping it intact for longer. The most useful is the waterproof mattress covers, to be used in the beds of small children, who still cannot control their sphincters.

Usually, the mattress topper is made of sponge, equipped with special elastic bands at the corners to keep it stretched and adherent to the mattress. On the memory mattress, designed to have the maximum possible ergonomics and to adapt according to body heat, the mattress cover is not exactly “like cheese on macaroni”. Indeed, the exact opposite is true.

It is mainly because a sponge mattress cover increases the volume and thickness occupied by the mattress. In the second place because it could prevent the correct external-internal air circulation, making it perceive as warmer. Added to this is the fact that it “isolates” the mattress in memory from heat, in this way it will not be able to shape its shape on our body lines as it should.

Top mattress qualities which are helpful for good health!

Different people have different requirements which are a must note thing. It is not possible that a single mattress would work as an excellent option for everyone. The sleeping position among people varies which could be either side or back sleeping position, and stomach sleeping style. Among these varied styles, it is important to consider the body weight also before investing in any particular mattress model. This is a crucial thing in mattress selection. In the mattress options, there come several features which are good for some people and bad for another crowd of people. Some mattress features are really worth to pay for as they contribute a lot in a healthier sleep. These features are present below in the following points:

Good air circulation system to keep a refreshing environment 

It is not a good thing to get sleep without any comfort or support level. The human body rest upon a mattress during the sleeping hours for a long duration of time. In such a long duration, the human body weight creates pressure on the mattress surface. With such a high pressure, huge heat is generated and the mattress surface becomes moist. Such moistness can bring disturbance in your quality sleep. In order to avoid this disturbance, the mattress manufacturers are producing mattress models with an air conditioning feature into them. Such a feature is really helpful to get rid of the moist and wet surface. You can find more information at Sleep Junkie.

In a latex mattress model, you can find such a feature which is really helpful to get proper sleep. In the latex mattress, there are some pinholes present, which is placed in a periodical sequence. It is an effective way to keep the air temperature is a proper cooling so that all the overheat created by the human body is reduced without any problem.

Mattress firmness is also essential for the spine

In a mattress, some level of firmness is required to support the spine in a proper way. Under the list of health benefits, one needs to understand the role of firmness in giving health benefits. The mattress firm acts as a support system for the human body. In fact, the back sleepers are suggested to choose a firm surface for having a restful night.

PCM in mattresses, to always have a fresh memory mattress:

In the growing number of mattresses in circulation, mattress covers and other bedding products are multiplying which allow or try to do so to control body temperature and keep you comfortable and fresh all night long. Today we will talk about PCM to always have a fresh memory mattress.

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The magic of science behind the fresh mattress:

The technology behind these thermoregulation products is phase change materials (PCM). Phase Changing Materials have become increasingly popular due to their properties that enable energy optimization.

Just as their name suggests, phase-change materials are matter that change from one phase such as liquid, vapor, or solid to another phase depending on their temperature. It can, therefore, be said that all materials, starting from water, are PCM. However, the PCMs used to have a fresh mattress are very sensitive to temperature changes; even the smallest ones.

PCMs in nature:

A natural PCM is, as anticipated, water. When the temperature drops to freezing (0 ° Celsius), the water solidifies and turns in the ice. When we put ice in a beverage at more than 0 ° C, it melts in an effort to stabilize the temperature and keeping the drink cold.

This is because between two materials in contact there is a heat exchange, which lasts until the thermal equilibrium is reached. PCMs are well-known in many types of products because they can soak up or release huge energy amounts and maintain a constant temperature.

Researchers and engineers study the applicability of PCMs in a wide variety of objects, from refrigerators to energy-efficient building materials; to reach polyurethane fabrics and foams, necessary so that we can always have a fresh mattress.

How does PCM maintain a fresh memory mattress?

This temperature regulation technology that uses PCM physics can be seen in various brands that sell sleep products.

In practice, phase change materials can be found enclosed in fiber microcapsules, which are transformed into yarn and then used to make foams, slabs and other items to have a fresh memory foam mattress. They can also be used with popular fabrics such as acrylic, although the performance is optimized in the synthetic polyester fibers.

What benefits you can get through a memory foam mattress?

As you all know there are a number of mattresses available in the market and if you want to pick out the best one obviously you can once consult to your doctor. Most of the doctors actually suggest memory foam mattress because it is one of the best mattresses which help you to sharpen your memory and will remove all the body pains from your body as soon as possible.

The temperature control support

The memory foam mattress is one of the best which actually supports to the body temperature also and if you want to regulate the body temperature perfectly then you will be doing it with memory form without facing a lot of trouble. It helps you to get rid out from the sweating and no more troubles of sweating you need to be faced while you are sleeping. All the time you can get quality sleep and really you don’t need to face troubles of Perspiring and such other things which relate to nature of inside your room. Learn about mattress types on Sleep Junkie.

Right body fits mattress

Everyone wants to buy the mattress which fits according to their body poster and really it is one of the mattresses which help you to sleep well at night and no more health issues you need to be faced especially in your back, neck and in your spine. Now you can take out all the issues and sleep perfectly when you won’t get the memory foam mattress which is also known to keep your memory sharp and obviously you can get quality sleep and will get a fresh morning next day.

The pain-relief

One more benefit you can get from the memory foam mattress and seriously it helps you to get rid out of all the pain. While you are sleeping you don’t know you can sleep in every posture and if you want to remove all the pain from your pressure points then you need to pick out this mattress which helps you to sleep well and suits to all the body postures. So you can get this mattress if you want to remove all the body pain easily and know more about you need to be faced now.

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